Women’s 5 most common lies

Even though we know, honesty lasts, we are still lying – small but good maybe. Here is our greatest lie.

Women's 5 most common lies

1st I’ve been in bed with five guys
Neither men nor women want to seem “cheap” and therefore you should take this confession with a spruce salt.

2nd When I get up with you, it’s not because of you. It’s more about myself
Both men and women quit this nuisance when they break the relationship. It can of course be true, but for the most part it is a matter of avoiding the confrontation and the conflict. Because of course, it’s because of you he will finish the relationship.

3rd I weigh 52 kilo
Lying about the weight is the most common female clue.

4th No, no, everything is ok.
We all know everyone – and your husband can as well learn that there’s something wrong, otherwise he would not have asked.

5th Do you just go out with the boys, it’s so on? for me
Many women do not think it’s so, and it’s because of the fear of whether he can stay in the skin now. She knows how men behave. It is important that he shows her that she can trust him and that, in turn, he encourages her to go out with her girlfriends.

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