When will you start with sun protection?

After a long winter, you can hardly get enough sunshine. Or what? Read here when to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

When will you start with sun protection?

After a long winter there are not many things that can make us Danes in as good a mood as the budding spring sun. We almost can not get enough of it, and as its rays warm us, the mood also rises. And finally, we’ll have to enjoy the sun, says Anne Bach Waagstein, Project Manager in the Cancer Control and TrygFondens Solkampagne: “Spring is a little bit awkward, because on the one hand our vitamin D stores are completely destroyed and we need to the sun. At the same time, you should still pay attention to the sun’s UV rays where the skin is winter pale and has not achieved natural pigmentation, “says Anne Bach Waagstein to Q.dk, and continues:
You also become skinned in spring
“UV rays are a bit awkward because they can not be seen and felt, but from April one can actually be sunburned. Many rarely think about it because we usually associate sunburn with called summer heat and being on the beach. “
And why is it so important not to get sunburned? Yes, we get too big doses of the sun’s harmful UV radiation, the skin turns red. The more burns and the higher the lifetime doses of UV radiation, the greater the risk of developing cancer in the skin, and here in Denmark, cancer in the skin is unfortunately the most common form of cancer.

How to protect yourself best
Fortunately, you can easily protect your skin against skin cancer and against the wrinkles that UV rays also give you.
“If you’re already here in spring, follow the four sunbeds, called Shadow, Sunbath, Sunblock and Shut up the solarium, when the sun is high in the sky in the middle of the day, you’re on the safe side,” Anne Bach Waagstein explains.
Advice is prioritized, and should be understood as the best way to seek shadow or cover the skin when UV radiation is the strongest. The places that can not be covered – eg the face and hands – must have a thick layer of sunscreen. And of course you have to drop the solarium.
The UV Index Helps You
“Typically, the UV radiation is highest between 12-15, but it may also be outside That’s the time, especially when abroad. Therefore, in addition to using common sense, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the uv index. If the index is 3 or more then it’s time for protection, “concludes Anne Bach Waagstein of .
The UV index continuously tells you how high the UV radiation is right where you are. It’s made as an app that you can download for free on your smartphone, and you can both download it and read more about it here .

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