What career type are you?

Careers are not only for managers and directors. It is for all of us. What career type are you? Check out the four career types here and be a little wiser about yourself

What career type are you?

The word “career” means something different for most. A lot of people think that “career” is only for those who lead their working lives longer than most of us do and become, for example. managers, self-employed, directors, lawyers, etc.


What career type are you?
My name is Anne Marie and Oestogens new career counselor.
I own www.intojob.dk which helps people further in their career.
In 2010 I quit my job because the no longer matched my values ​​and priorities. I experienced myself going to work every day and not being happy. That’s why I told my job and became independent. Today I have a brilliant business and counselor (most) women in their future career choices. – Whether they are terminated or simply doubting they are on their right shelf. Most of my customers choose a career check in the middle of their career to ensure they are heading the right place.
I have worked for career counseling in different companies for the last 13 years.
I also trained NLP Master , Certified Coach and Passion Coach.
I’m looking forward to challenging you and being your sparring partner in your Career Universe, as well as giving you new concepts and inputs about your career and your work life.
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But when it comes to business we all have a career. The progress in the labor market may have been interrupted – for a shorter or longer period – and other other bumps may appear on the road. But virtually everyone wants to be in touch with the labor market at some point.
The so-called Decision Dynamics Career Model ™ is a model that unveils your career motives and ideas about what a good career contains and which I often use in my work to help reveal how my clients are happier in their working life.
According to the model, there are four different career types. Can you recognize yourself in some of them?
Career Type 1. Expert:
Career choice is made once and for all – One is targeted at a particular type of employment. Moving upward in the hierarchy means less for the experience of success. The crucial thing is to master and immerse yourself in the skills, knowledge and duties of the expert’s choice of employment.

Career Type 2. The Linear Career Type:
You focus on getting “up” in the organization you work in and you are ambitious and will be the leader of employees, since the leader of managers and perhaps the greatest ambition is to become director. Creating results, gaining power and being promoted is important.
Career Type 3. The Expanding Career Type:
Both the development of yourself and others is important. Career selection is developed through a number of employment areas and typically lasts from 3 to 5 years. Each new choice is based on previous choices for the purpose of developing new skills in a side-line related movement. An example might be the HR employee who for a period of time works with recruitment, then with outplacement and then with employer branding.
Career Type 4. Episodist:
You often try new areas of work, organization and / or job. Variation and independence are important to you and your career choices lead to frequent changes. Some will call you a “flicker” and your working conditions will typically have a duration of 1-4 years. Variation is a prominent driving force.

It is necessary to know for themselves to get a satisfactory job. And if in doubt, these concepts can hopefully help you understand your priorities and your urge to try out new job areas or deepen even more.
We spend the best and most of our waking hours of the day job, therefore, it’s important that your career matches your preferences for the good work life.
Read more about your Career next week and get input and tips here at Oestrogen.dk again next week.

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