Renée: Kiss is still a nice word

Now it is decided that female genitals should be called Gina, among other things because it is ‘sweet and sexy’. Is it justified not just to make women objects to adapt? And what’s the matter with kisses?

Renée: Kiss is still a nice word

I think that sweet and sexy do not necessarily exclude being happy and desirable, but that words can be there at the same time all together. I do not look sweet and sexy as negative, submissive, objectivating or worthless, strong, bright and horny.

For me, sweet and sexy are just one side of us women, but certainly nothing that excludes all the other pages. The point for me is that we as women become conscious, proud and happy for our sexuality. That we dare to know that we are sexual beings – whether we identify sexually with the ruler, the slave, something in the middle or something completely fourth, is not significant.

And we women are just not the same as men are not.

And yes, kiss is a nice word, not abusive or ugly, neither for me – I like that word and think it’s nice to say and write … BUT – not all women have That way, and it’s also okay.

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