L. O.C about the marriage with Christiane: Together we’re just even better

Life has prompted a little bit for each rapper Liam O’Connor, and it has given him an easier cynical approach to love. But Christiane Schaumburg-Müller O Connor has given Liam the belief that love can last

L. O.C about the marriage with Christiane: Together we're just even better

Liam O ‘Connor has lived a life harder than most. And with a past as an alcoholic user, there were probably not many who expected that rap guy Liam should end in a Hellerup Villa, married to the glamor princess Christiane Schaumburg-Müller O Connor. But opposites meet and love occurs. How different they really are? “Very different,” says Liam. And yet not. He says in an interview with My Woman Secrets this week.

Maybe she will not formulate it, but I think we both have such a realistic view of being in a relationship that we would rather appreciate it than fearing losing it. And we have seriously meant that if there is something called to be together until you die, we must be able to do that. People actually dive in and out of each other’s rooms. And then it’s just about enjoying the pardon while it lasts. Christiane is his own and I’m my own and together we are just even better right now.

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Possibly, a romantic is stored in L.O.C. But life has also knocked on the love front – and created a light cynical approach to love.

” Life has taught me that love never lasts. Christiane claims that it does. She also gives me hope and believe that it must be possible. happy that we did not meet each other 10 years ago, because that would not have happened. We have been out and been crazy and found one and had the feeling of: Maybe I could find something better.

Now we’re on date!

Liam says that, as a rapper before, he had a rather lazy approach to that with women and love. So, in fact, it was Christiane who got into him and not the other way around.

– I had become a bit of environmental damage from raping for so long. One expects people pay to come in and see one stand and bathe in their own self, and then you get offers and such things. Every musician has experienced something happening by standing up there. And I had got it like this: Oh, that kind of will come well. I had a lazy approach to that with women. I had for example Never been on date before. Christiane forced me: Now we are on date! Okay, what is it? Should we eat and eat? All that there had never been a part of it.

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  • Liam’s former relationship with women was “always such a nuisance to bullying-something.” But with Christiane it was different. She was on her way out of another relationship when they met so that there was much respect for her and her situation that had been set aside. They were “just interested in getting to know each other without it being possible.” When Christiane and her boyfriend broke out after a while, it struck, and Liam and Christiane found together. And just respect and mutual understanding came early in the relationship.

    – I do not think we would be able to work with anyone if we were not allowed to satisfy our own little need, ego, career choice. We have spent a lot of time making clear what makes us happy. I do not feel I have something to offer her if I do not feel upset with what I care about. The mutual understanding came quite fast. Perhaps because our profession recalls each other. There is a huge understanding and it makes it easy and respectful, Liam says to My Woman Secrets.

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