Job Search: It’s not About You!

What can you contribute to the job you may receive right away, asks career counselor Anne Marie Valentin. Read with here.

When I help my customers to a better career, I often find that they have fallen into a trap in their perspective and in their application material. Especially in the application, many people write: I wish I can have tried, I’m motivated by … very few, really few, have caught it because it’s NOT about you, but about what you can bring to your new employer.


Job Search: It's not About You!

My name is Anne Marie and is Oestrogens Career Adviser.

I own that helps people continue their career.

In 2010, I canceled my job because it no longer matched my values ​​and priorities. I experienced myself going to work every day and not being happy. That’s why I told my job and became independent.

Today I have a brilliant business and counselor (most) women in their future career choices. – Whether they are terminated or simply doubting they are on their right shelf. Most of my customers choose a career check in the middle of their career to ensure they are heading the right place.

I have been working for career counseling in different companies for the last 13 years.
I also trained NLP Master, Certified Coach and Passion Coach.

I am looking forward to challenging you and being your sparring partner in your Career universe, as well as giving you new concepts and input regarding your career and your work life.

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Community is the new black
When you as a job seeker sit for the job interview and insistently say, “I WANT TO DIFFERENT”, you show that they have not declined the trends and values ​​of the time.

That’s how we said in the old days. When it was all about what “I” would like. But the ego party and focus on “me” are over, as sociologist Emilia Van Hauen described it already 4 years ago.

The current, and thus job search, are very much about VI, communities, inclusion, and contributing to the common good.?
And that’s why you as a jobseekers have to think about:

• How to contribute to the community
• How to contribute to a company’s vision
• How to become a part of the company’s “VI” and therefore fit in • How to help the company to make a difference
– and, in particular, to tell you how you can be good-looking companies

And if you think your interest in training football boys, buying recycled or pickled cucumbers is uninteresting when you are looking for a job? So think again! All three things are megatrendy and tell you something about you as a person. And that’s sweet music in the ears of modern businesses.

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Good luck with that, Anne Marie?

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