How to reduce the fine lines on the face

Get tips on how to get a smoother face with Heidi and Rachel from Face Love Fitness.

How to reduce the fine lines on the face

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If you thought that a plastic surgeon should be in the picture to recreate your youth’s smooth face, you’ll be happy to think again. Here, Heidi and Rachel from Face Love Fitness teach us how to give our face a fast-paced workout to smooth the fine lines.

TIP: Apply your daily moisturizer before starting to get the best results. Do the exercises once a day, sometimes a week to keep your skin in top shape.

Step 1: Start your neck and work your way up. We have to smooth the neckline and define the garden and jaw line. Grasp the corners of your mouth and turn them back and forth as you push the garden forward. Count to 10, repeat 3 times.

Step 2: Place your fingertips in the outer eyelashes. Gently pull out the tines while shaking your eyes. Repeat 5-10 times.

Step 3: Pull the nose up while holding your eyebrows. Try to push your eyebrows and nose tips down at the same time. Hold and repeat 5 times.

And do not forget: A face exercise a day keeps the botox away.

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How to reduce the fine lines on the face

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