How to pick eyebrows

Perfect brows can lift your entire face, open your eyes and give your radiance a positive boost. Get the wizard to pick here!

How to pick eyebrows How to get a well-formed and distinctive eyebrow

Place a pencil at an oblique angle from the nose and to the innermost hook of the eye and from the nose to the outermost hook of the eye. Hereby you will find the start and end of the brow. The hairs that extend beyond the outer points must be removed so that the brow gets a harmonious shape. Then find the highest point of the brow that must be on the outside of the iris of the eye. It gives the eye a nice lift and opens your face. Make sure to extend the skin with the free hand while picking and remembering that the hair is to be pulled out of the hair’s direction, making it less painful..
Good advice to get beautiful lashes

Stop each time you have picked a pair of hair, remove a bit from the mirror and see if what you are doing looks good in a larger perspective. If you overpower your eyebrows, it will be difficult to move on. When you finish picking your eyebrows, you can apply aloe vera that will dampen if necessary. flushing.

How to pick eyebrows
By marking some nifty-points before going to war with tweezers, you ensure that your eyebrows get exactly the shape you want. All you need is a makeup or eyeliner to measure with.
Christina before

Step 1
The bridge must start just over the nose – it creates symmetry on the face. With a make-up or pencil, mark a straight line from the nose to the brow’s start. Pick eyelashes to the right of this point (ie. between the eyes). Step 2
By marking a line from the nose and the “straight through” pupil you will find the highest point on the brow. This point contributes to the optical lifting of the face – with a crushed brow you can look five years younger. Step 3
You find the last point by drawing a line that runs from the nose to the outermost point of the eye. If the brow goes further than this point, “drips” it and you may appear as if you are permanently sad.
The last point is to draw a line that goes from the nose to the outermost point of the eye. If the brow goes further than this point, “drips” it and you may appear as if you are permanently sad. Step 4
When the points are made, the forceps must be taken. Just pick under the brow. Signs to the end are easily brushed with an eyebrow color to achieve tightness and contour. Vupti – fashionable brow that makes you look younger and fresher!
Christina after

The recorded, well-shaped brow has given Christina’s face an easy boost.
“Wauw – what depth and character I’m suddenly equipped with,” exclaims Christina as she sees herself in the mirror.

Drawing Drawing

Use a little color to get a close brow. You can find the correct shade by starting from your original hair color and then go to one side at the most if you want to avoid forest nails. You can color hair so many times, but the skin tone remains unchanged. Read the guide for how to draw your brow here

How to pick eyebrows


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