Here are the habits that give you wrinkles

Do you smoke or do you grow the sun, as it was your hobby, you probably know that it may result in excessive wrinkles as you grow older. But what about your consumption of chewing gum? Or your makeup habits?

Here are the habits that give you wrinkles There are very many small and big factors in our everyday lives that determine how shattered we are later in life. The apparent bad guys are the sun and the cigarettes, but other things are true. has collected a number of classic habits that later on in life could result in unwanted puzzles in your face. 1) Your diet If you eat a diet that contains too much sugar or is highly glycemic, it will affect your skin later in life. This explains Roshini Rajapaksa, a gastroenterologist at The sugar will bind to the proteins in your skin, including collagen, and make them rigid and deform. It will give your skin a lack of elasticity, make it puffed and give fine lines. 2) Alcohol Even though you are neither alcoholic nor close, all the alcohol you consume will dehydrate your skin, says plastic surgeon James C. Marotta to It will eventually make your skin less elastic and give you wrinkles. In addition, alcohol affects the level of vitamin A in your body, and this vitamin is an important antioxidant in your body that is important for the regeneration of your cells in the body and in the skin. 3) You chew chewing gum Are you addicted to often having a piece of chewing gum in your mouth, so it will look around your lips with age. This explains the dermatologist Joel Schlessinger to According to him, he sees some classic wrinkles under the mouth of people chewing a lot of chewing gum. 4) You sleep with makeup on It is very unhealthy for your skin when you do not remove your makeup and cleans it for contamination that will automatically occur during a day. The dirt pours up in the pores, and over time it will make your skin less elastic that it can not breathe at night. 5) Sun and smoking The absolute high jumpers when it comes to causing wrinkle formation is the sun’s UV rays along with smoking. Joel Schlessinger explains that studies have shown that smoking is actually the biggest villain in terms of degenerating your skin. Debra Jaliman, a dermatologist, emphasizes that in order to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, you should use a sunscreen every day, even if it’s raining. 6) Your sleeping habits If you sleep with your face down to the pillow, it will actually cause wrinkles in your face in the long run. That explains Debra Jaliman to She recommends that you wear a satin cover if you can best sleep on your stomach and thus with your head pressed against your pillow most of the night.

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