Food plan: Do you lack inspiration for everyday dishes?

A food plan makes everyday life easier and gives new inspiration to everyday life. Now you can buy My Woman Secrets’s popular weekly food plans for an entire year.

Food plan: Do you lack inspiration for everyday dishes?

Why is a food plan so popular?

Maybe it bumps with time in everyday life. Maybe it’s the inspiration that’s missing. Perhaps you need to get a better overview of how much money you spend on food. And maybe you just want to avoid throwing everything randomly into the basket and impulse when you’re out to buy. The solution is: A food plan.

At My Woman Secrets, we strive to make healthy and varied food recipes that make your daily life a little easier. Food, you have the time and desire to make. For many years, our food plans have been one of the most popular in the magazine, and we constantly try to make the food plans inspiring and delicious with new ingredients, old classics and appetite images. In addition, there is always a shopping list for every week’s food plan, so you can easily buy for the whole week – and avoid unnecessary food waste. Therefore, we would like to give you the opportunity to now buy our popular food plans, combined for an easy and manageable minimum magazine. The food plans have all been in My Woman Secrets over time and are made by cook and cookbook author Louisa Lorang, as you may also know from the television. Food plan: Do you lack inspiration for everyday dishes? Every week’s food plan contains 5 recipes on everyday recipes, which you can easily make Monday to Friday. The recipes also have a time indication, and most can be done in 20-40 minutes. Have fun!


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