Drop the morning coffee – and do it instead

Morning yoga will give you the focus, calm and energy to get started with the day – completely without the need for caffeine.

Drop the morning coffee - and do it instead

Morning can be tough. For us, there are not extremely A people (oh, just we were), it really requires motivation and strength to roll out the bed as soon as the alarm clock rings. Most days we go straight from bed to kitchen to make a cup of coffee – and finally feel like a normal person when it’s drunk. But what if we say you do not need caffeine to get energy in the morning that you can use morning yoga instead? All you need is a mood, a few minutes and a little bit of willpower (to keep the snouts from the snooze button when the alarm rings) and you’re actually ready.

Yoga puts a good tone for the rest of the day
Have you ever noticed that your beloved cup of morning coffee can make you uneasy and almost make it hard to keep the energy up when you first get to work? If you instead do yoga, you will feel calm, mindful and focused – a really nice way to get the day kicked on. Studies also show that yoga can reduce fatigue by 57%. Are you convinced?

A life-giving morning routine
Depending on how tired you feel and how much time you have, repeat the morning yoga program one, two or even up to five times. The secret is to listen to your body and use the program as a guide. Just adjust it so it’s best for you.

The first Begin to swap alternately and shoot your back like a cat. It warms the spine up and loosens the muscles after the night’s sleep. In every breath you swallow your back and every round of breath you round it. Repeat it a few times and then move over to a plank.

2nd Stand on the shelf for a few seconds – or minutes if you’re really motivated – and then use your hands to push yourself back into the “Dog”. Take small steps on the spot to warm your muscles in your legs and feet, then walk or jump your feet to the front of the mat. Hold the position through a few breaths, then stretch your arms up over your head and stand completely silent in five breaths – it will give a sense of calm and focus.

3rd Then fold the upper body up and down to the feet (as far as you can), and breathe in and out ten times. Then sit straight up and shake your arms and legs, and then stand up with scattered legs in the warrior position. It will make you feel strong, confident and ready to cope with today’s challenges.

4th Finally, lay on the mat with your legs folded underneath you and your arms stretched in front of your head in “Child’s position”. Relax in the position for a minute while concentrating on your breath. Repeat if you need it.

Many of us are used to having coffee in the morning, but it’s not necessarily the only way to wake up properly. Morgenyoga is a fantastic healthy alternative that will make you feel strong, charged and invincible from the morningtime.

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Drop the morning coffee - and do it instead

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