Choose the right cream: It makes the vitamins in the cream of your skin

Cream with vitamins – what should you keep in mind on the ingredient list? See what vitamins your cream should contain.

Vitamin A in your Cream: To fight the wrinkles

Vitamin A is important for the maintenance of the epidermis as it stimulates cell renewal and may have fine lines and wrinkles to show less. An A vitamin Juice cream is one of the most effective in the fight against wrinkles, as it proves to make them smoother. However, the cream will only be given to you because it is strong cases that can cause side effects such as itching, irritation, scaling, and also makes your skin more light sensitive than normal. Therefore, it is also essential to use a sunscreen with protection factor 50+ if you are in vitamin A. However, the cosmetics industry has found a mild A-vitamin sour cream, retinol and retinaldehyde, both of which are available without a prescription. So, they come in the anti-wrinkle cream you can buy, and the effect is entirely dependent on the concentration. The two substances can also give redness and peeling, but to a much lesser degree. It can also give some red impurities at the start, which of course can be annoying, but you just have to stay out, because you suddenly have the finest skin. A good advice when you start using a retinol cream is to slowly start up. That is, use it only two to three times a week for the first couple of weeks and when your skin gets used to it, use it as you want to use a plain cream.

Choose the right cream: It makes the vitamins in the cream of your skin

1. Beauté Pacifique Cream Metamorphique, reduces and prevents age signs by adding two forms of vitamin A to your skin through the night. Buy it here!

2. Phyris Triple A Retinol Eye Cream, reduces fatigue and swelling of the eye area. Buy it here!

Vitamin B in your cream: Antioxidant

There are many different B vitamins, but one of the most important for your skin is B3, since it seems like an antioxidant, which means it binds free radicals. Vitamin has several effects, as it both works antiinflammatory, can reduce redness of the skin and has an effective effect on acne. In addition, it inhibits the transport of melanin into the cells, which means it prevents pigmentation problems, and the vitamin also helps to increase the collagen production and the elasticity of your skin.. The vitamin B12 vitamin has been shown to be super effective in the treatment of a itchy dry, red and sensitive skin in clinical trials.. The vitamin in tablet form is excreted too quickly from the body to work on the skin, so you should have the full effect of the vitamin, it should be lubricated directly in the irritated areas.

Choose the right cream: It makes the vitamins in the cream of your skin

1. Cosborg Derma B12 Forte is good for the dry, irritated and red skin. Buy it here!

2. Decubal Body Lotion. 68 kroner.

3. Phformula V. IN. T. A. B3. 739 kr.

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Vitamin C in your Cream: Antifungal

Vitamin C is important and necessary for the formation of the collagen fibers in the skin and, as it is a very strong antioxidant, it also prevents external cellular degradation. Vitamin also works antiinflammatory, which means that it is good for a reddish, slightly stressed skin. Unfortunately, the vitamin is very fragile as it is quickly destroyed by the oxygen, light and heat of the air, which in pure form has no effect in cosmetic creams. Therefore, using C-vitamin esters, which are stable substances, instead put them in cosmetic products that should work tightening, shine pigment stains, inhibit the formation of new pigments and, in particular, give your skin a renewed fresh glow.

Choose the right cream: It makes the vitamins in the cream of your skin

1. John Masters Organics Vitamin C Anti-Aging is good for mature and dry skin. Buy it here!

2. Vichy Idéalia Pro Deep Dark Spot Corrector. 289 kroner.

3. Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector. 475 kroner.

4. The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Booster Moisturizer. 225 kroner.

vitamin D

The most important source of Dvitamin is the sun and you stay in the sun, the process takes place quickly. D vitamins in creams help protect the skin against the sun’s dangerous UV rays and is therefore used as a supplement to the naturally produced vitamin D in the skin.. Do you have psoriasis, you may have already discovered that the creams that remedy the problem contain D vitamins that like the sun have a beneficial effect on the skin disease.

Choose the right cream: It makes the vitamins in the cream of your skin

1. Mellisa D-Vitamin Creme with solar factor 10 works moisturizing and protective. Buy it here!

2. Beauté Pacifique D-Force Risk Management Vitalizing Anti-Age Day Cream gives your skin an extra shot of vitamin D, as well as vitamin A and vitamin E. Buy it here!

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Vitamin E in your cream: Moisture

E vitamins increase antioxidant protection in the skin, protects and repairs and are therefore not to be avoided as they prevent premature aging of the skin.. Vitamin E, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants, also prevents sun damage, as they absorb UV light to some degree, so it’s efficient to use an E vitamin oil with a sun cream before you get out in the sun. A few sunscreens already contain vitamin E, which is quite smart. The plant oil that has the highest vitamin E content is argan oil that can defend the skin against the wrinkle-free radicals. The oil appears to be stiffening, has super moisturizing properties and counteracts skin irritations.

Choose the right cream: It makes the vitamins in the cream of your skin

1. Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream regenerates the skin as it contains organic hyben oil that adds to your skin natural E and A vitamins that promote cell renewal. Buy it here!

2. Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator SPF 15 Cream. 690 kroner.

3. Matas Argan Facial Oil. 59,95 kr.

Vitamin K in your Cream: Carcinogens

The vitamin K is put in creams and sera to contract blood vessels and is especially used to reduce vomiting on the face and body as well as some forms of darkness under the eyes. It reduces the frailty of capillaries, so that they regain elasticity and do not remain visible, and the vitamin helps to spread the blood through the cells, reducing redness. So, do you have either very red cheeks with blunt blood vessels, do you have Rosacea skin disease, or have you just got a laser treatment, then it’s the vitamin K you need to look for.

Choose the right cream: It makes the vitamins in the cream of your skin

1. Green People White My Fix 24-Hour Cream uses your skin with 94 percent organic ingredients. Buy it here!

2. Ling Vitamin K anti-redness calming solution. 585 kr.

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Choose the right cream: It makes the vitamins in the cream of your skin


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