Career Coach: When do you meet your goals?

Reach your goals!’s career coach, Anne Marie Valentin, helps you set realistic goals and results … See how to get started!

Career Coach: When do you meet your goals?

Once upon a time I had a boss who always said: “Goals control behavior”. He has been righted many times. Tony Robbins says almost the same: “Where focus goes – energy flows”.


Career Coach: When do you meet your goals?
My name is Anne Marie and is Oestrogens Career Adviser.
I own www. intojob. dk who helps people in their career.
In 2010 I canceled my job because it no longer matched my values ​​and priorities. I experienced myself going to work every day and not being happy. That’s why I told my job and became independent.
Today I have a brilliant business and advisor (most) women ift. their future career choices. – Whether they are terminated or simply doubting they are on their right shelf. Most of my customers choose a career check in the middle of their career to ensure they are heading the right place.
For the past 13 years I have worked with career counseling in different companies.
In addition, I am trained NLP Master, Certified Coach and Passion Coach.
I look forward to challenging you and being your sparring partner in your Career universe as well as giving you new concepts and inputs about your career and your work life.
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When you do not get the result you expected, it is because the activities, will or foundation are not in place. So when we set goals for ourselves, we also have to set goals for activities, will and foundation. A good way to set goals is the so-called SMART model, which is a well-known and proven method.
The starting point of the model is that your goal should be:
S Specifically
M Eligible
A mbitiøst
R ealistic

T Defined
Why is it important?
Every day, We now achieve results, both private and at work, to feel that we are moving in the right direction – towards the goal. It can be in terms of increased revenue, better bottom line, more efficient processes, better collaboration, improved communication, greater efficiency, etc.. There are many different examples of results and goals.
But good goals require, besides being SMART, also that you have your “why” in place.
There are not many who reach their goals if they can not see the good idea in it; HOW DOES GO TO WHY, they want to reach the goal.
Reinforce Your Will
An example might be that you have set the goal of running a marathon. Then there’s a good reason to get up early to run a morning trip. When the alarm clock rings and the bed is warm and nice, most of us only get up because we know what it should lead – in this case because there is a marathon waiting for you and you know you can only complete It is about training.
Our “why” is therefore our good reason to hold on and do what we have agreed with ourselves or others. Namely what we get from reaching the set goal.
You can use different strategies to strengthen your will. Sub-goals and competitions with others help many.
No skip action
When you deliberately think about the purpose of getting up, it brings you in a positive state. You control your “why”. Therefore, you will not find explanations and skip actions. Instead, you think about how your body gets stronger for each race – and it will be even easier to run next time. It also means that you know that you’re only cheating yourself if you’re running a workout. Another important point when dealing with goals and results is that the results you create today are a product of activities, will and foundation of the past. The time you can run 5 km today is the result of your previous training. – Or lack of the same.
We often spend some time looking at the results we create. Of course, it is crucial to determine what results we create, but we often spend too little time assessing what results we will create in the future. We need to be better at setting goals, will and foundation. That way, you can help secure your future performance.
Anne Marie

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