Beef tenderloin with balsamicomarinated shallots

Oksemørbrad is perfect for the guest dinner. Enjoy the sweet, but also lightly sour onion on the steak.

Beef mashed balsamicomarinated mustard to 4 people

Oksemørbrad is a safe hit for guests. Here served with marinated mustard to INGREDIENTS 4 beef tenderloin steaks (about 600 g total) 25 g butter + 1 tbsp. olive oil for frying salt and freshly squeezed pepper broad parsley 3 cloves of garlic 400 g fresh baby spinach dark balsamic vinegar MARINEREDE LOAD 4 banana salads 3 dl dark balsamic vinegar 3 tbsp. acacia honey 3 twigs fresh thyme slightly good olive oil ACCOMMODATION FOR OUR BREAKFAST New Boiled Potatoes 100 g slipped almonds olive oil for frying

Recipe – How to make beef marmalade with balsamicomarinated shallots

1st Marinated onion: Pil onions and cut them in both. Boil balsamico with honey and thyme for 2 minutes, so the acid disappears. Turn down, add the onions and let them simmer at low heat for approx. 15 minutes until the layer is like a thin syrup. Take the pot from the heat and cool completely. 2nd Step the steaks on both sides on a very hot pan in butter and oil. Take them from the heat, season with salt and pepper and finish them in the oven, approx. 8 minutes at 180 °. Let the steaks rest for 6 minutes. Put them on plates and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley and finely chopped garlic. Rinse and dry baby spinach; turn it with the marinated onions and drip with a little balsamic vinegar. 3rd Accessories: Half the boiled potatoes and sprinkle potatoes and almonds in a little oil on a pan. Serve them to court.

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